Tell Me A Story, Daddy

And there you have it. The key to success. If you can get them to demand a story, you have permission to make them, yourself, and the whole world either better or worse. And you get to choose in which direction to go.

Writing, movie making, photography, singing, dancing, and most plastic arts, are telling stories. Tell good ones, well enough, and you will be asked to tell more. To keep you talking, or painting, or dancing, the world will eventually pay you money. Take that money.

Don’t give me guff about ARTE or ETHICKS or THE ANGST OF CONSCIOUSNESSE or any other bullshit. Just tell a story.

If it is a good enough story we won’t want a drink of water or a wee…and we promise to go to sleep directly.

Read what you will about writing, or write what you will about reading, it all comes down to the story.

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