What Is The Reason?

That you can reason.

Is it because a supernatural being has endowed you with the ability? Or have you received it as an in-wired ability garnered from millions of years of savage evolution that weeded out the creatures who were unable to do it fast enough?

You may bat this one back and forth between yourself and whoever disagrees with you for as long as you like. I should recommend snacks and a couple of pints of good ale while you do it…hopefully in a comfortable setting. With any sort of luck you will be no closer to the truth of the matter when you are finished.

But let us set aside the origin of the power to reason. If you have read this far we can assume that you have a considerable store of it. You are reading, on a computer. Both of these activities are far from instinctive – you learned how to do them and practised until you became proficient. You can even recognise ” proficient “…We are on the same page – this one.

Apply that considerable power to your circumstances – hopefully with that snack and pint of ale. You are not being chased by a bear. You can see. You have electrical power to draw upon. You are not in jail…or if you are, you’re in one of the better ones. You have leisure time – you’re not knee deep in a brick pit or cowering in front of an entitled customer.

Life is good.

It will waver occasionally, and one day drop, but at present you are gliding pretty well. Well enough to permit you to stop searching the news screens and internet social media pages for something to be outraged and indignant about. These things will come to you of themselves every now and then. You need not seek them out.

Indeed you would do well to use that power of reason to look carefully at the presentation of ills and outrages that the various mediums engage upon. Is it possible that they are merely finding sores to pick? Perhaps creating wounds in the hope that they will fester? And that this can be just further footage for the Five O’Clock News? Are you in the position of an ancient Roman watching throats being cut for fun?

Is this who you wish to be?

If not, switch off the social misery channel and enjoy that pint. They cannot arrest you for it.

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