Insect Authority

I urge you to google this and see if you can get past the authorities on insects. They swarm everywhere.

I wanted a definition of the term but it took several reconstituted enquiry lines before I found something. Mark Twain wrote a good passage in Tom Sawyer regarding the activities of an Insect Authority and it reminded me of a number of occasions in my own life.

I hesitate to say I was not in command in any of them – I was the subject of the insect’s buzz and sting. I pass by the home-room high school teacher who threw things at his pupils as he was not really in command of anyone – not even himself. My mind focuses on the front-counter employee at my savings bank who demanded my password when I wanted to make an account enquiry.

That’s not IA – that’s modern security, and I applaud it. But when I answered in a full English sentence instead of one word he refused to hear and kept repeating the question in an increasingly arrogant manner. Eventually it took the intervention of his superior to set the situation right…but I am wary of him now. When confronted at a counter I ask for another employee.

I suspect the only effective counter to the IA is the Karen. And a Karen that insists upon his/her rights. It’s an unpleasant role to play but someone has to keep the bugs at bay.

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