I Fail Regularly

And I fail efficiently. And I repeat my failures…at least until the little light comes on inside the refrigerator that is my brain. Then I look around for snacks.

The point at which I fail most miserably is one that is urged upon me by my heritage. There are supposedly commandments in my ancestor’s past that told them to always speak up against injustice. I sometimes let this slip, as I do not consider myself wise enough to recognise smaller sorts of injustices. Indeed I suspect that some of them are not that at all. A very incorrect idea these days.

I also fail to speak out against stupidity. This is because I feel that my words will not alter it, and only cause more work. I leave physics, chemistry, and biology to sort out the fools and just endeavour to keep away from the trouble as it happens. That, or wear clothing that can be washed.

I also fail to praise where it is due – often because the praisee has called for the salutation themselves before I could utter it. It seems a little false to just follow orders.

And the final failure? I fail to discipline myself as I should. This is not just a case of self-examination and resolute will. Whips are expensive these days and I like to get good value out of the old ones before lashing out ( ooh, ooh, ooh… ) on something new.

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