Charity Begins At Home

And if you’re not smart, someone find out where that is. Then they never leave you alone.

I have been foolish enough to give charity to organisations, the operations of which I have absolutely no direct knowledge. At the time I was spurred on by feelings of magnanimity, but took no thought to whether that fine feeling would do any good whatsoever.

My parents also did this in the 1950’s when they faithfully sent money to support a Korean orphan. The charity to which the money was sent turned out later to convert the funds to their own use and the orphans saw precious little of it. Score plus one for the charity and minus one for the suckers.

I have also sent money to feed the hungry in a foreign country…with no assurance that the funds travelled further than Melbourne. When I reflected on this I stopped, and I noted the charity dropped me like a cold and un-nourishing potato pancake.

As far as appeals for funds, I get regular professional spiels seeking big money for overseas aid. The organisation used to get a yearly subscription but was unwise enough one year to tell me what they planned on spending it for. I was struck by the folly of their proposed expenditures and cut them off. They have been persistent, but each appeal that details their plans seems to hit upon more folly.

Do I never give? By no means. I have found a local religious organisation, quite divorced from my own beliefs, that I respect for their kindnesses. They get my money, and as long as they do not try to convert me to their creed I am satisfied.

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