No Need To Seek Blame

Just live, and it will find you.

Here is a list of things that you can do to call condemnation upon yourself:

a. Wear leather shoes.

b. Eat a cheese sandwich.

c. Eat soft-boiled eggs.

d. Refer to men as ” he ” or to women as ” she “.

e. Drive a motor car.

f. Maintain a bank account.

g. Hold a door open for anyone.

h. Eat the wrong sort of cheese.

Note that these activities are not overtly political, religious, or criminal…but they can be seen by those who wish them to be as heinous acts. You will be stepping into even worse danger if you read incautiously, or look at cartoon characters who have been judged unacceptable by cultural warriors. You take your life into your hands voting in a way that contravenes the orders of…


Of whom?

Mostly it is of faceless and nameless critics. ” They ” are cited as the arbiters of your life and you must obey ” them “. Few of them actually put their names onto the warrants of execution. You are just assumed to know them to be your masters or mistresses and cower accordingly.

Oops. Gender-words there. Better deflect the coming blast by inventing a substitute…

” Mastresses “? Not my best work but I’m under stress here. I need a cheese-substitute sandwich with non-racially-biased casein substitute within pure organic fair-trade compromise-orientated bread-like material. And a shot of scotch.

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