The Scofflaws

You all know one and in many case the one you know is you.

The dictionary defines a scofflaw as a person who wilfully flouts a law…though that would seem to include the hardened, heinous criminal as well as the careless citizen. Perhaps there is a qualification that says the law must be a minor one that is difficult to enforce.

We’re undergoing a Covid lockdown for the long weekend that illustrates the value of NOT being a scofflaw. It revolves around a law that says we must register our presence in a shop or public venue via a phone app or printed register to allow for contact tracing during Covid outbreaks.

The actual process is simple enough. So much so that even old-guy me set up the phone myself and can operate it at every shop. But people still barge through without registering either by pen or phone.

Well, now there are over 300 people needing to start wondering about being tested, monitored, or self-isolated and they’ll all be grateful in a public health sort of way that someone has warned them of their danger. If they scoffed the law they put themselves and their families in needless and heedless danger. It’s bad enough for the people caught by inadvertent exposure without adding the ones that just swan away.

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