” Are You A Good Person? “

Ask that and be prepared for a fight.

It may not be with fists, and you may not be in the middle of it, but the question will ring the bell for Round One. The person you ask will react with:

a. Anger.

” What do you mean asking me that!? “

” How dare you ! “

” You trying to be funny? “

b. Prevarication.

” What do you mean by ‘ good ‘ ? “

” What have you heard? “

” Why do you ask? “

c. Sorrow.

” No. “

d. Pride.

” Yes. Yes, yes, yes… “

” No! “

e. Honesty.

” I don’t really know…”

It’s one of those questions where you really cannot have confidence in many of the answers, and can use even fewer of them to advantage. In most cases you really don’t want to know.

So when are you going to go out there and ask it?

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