When Someone Speak To You…

And they do no speak like it is Oxford dictionary from…you may think that they are foreign. The little things that they no say tell you from many times that they have learn English in book. And it may be old book, is it?

Do not scoff. In their own language the words are perfect like walk along ducks. It is just you cannot hear it. And you have none of their language in your orifices anyway. So be respect.

But do not listen too hard to what they say or telephonik, because in many cases they say it from steam room in Polish quarter of Ecuador, and if you listen you damn soon get phone call from Bangalore to tell you to go buy iTune card. Bad language is specialty of house of correction.

If you want pass on bad grammar, bad spelinge, and bad punctationit, punctileie, Oh Hell, the commas and dots…well, you can, but it also alert you local readers that you are keyboard bot who just post anything. Then they laugh at you when next hear and call you fool. They no love you long time or short time…

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