No Backsliding!

If you are going to do anything or be anything you have to do it and be it…and not just pretend to it. This lesson came to me recently when I decided to look more deeply at philosophy. I’d read an attractive little book on the subject and thought I saw signs of it in myself.

Part of the system I fancied involved thinking about what was essential in life and being able to sort out what I could do anything about and what I couldn’t. It also mentioned being a great deal more attentive to the present and what I could do right now. All sensible.

Well, I was searching for a topic for this column and found myself typing a cry of pain over past injustices…and it sat in the storage locker ready to inflict upon you. It wasn’t until I read similar things on social media that I realised it would have negated all the precepts of my new philosophy.

So I binned it and emptied the bin. I will have to be more self-aware in future if I am to progress. At least I aired the thing to myself but it is up to me to make that once and for all.

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