Send A Bill

When you do business, it is always best to have a signed contract – and to make sure that the people who sign it are responsible for the payment. But what do you do when you get to the end of a job of work and the client says ” Send a bill. ” ?

Here’s your alternatives:

a. When you hear ” Send a bill “. find out who to send it to and send it straight away. Mark it ” Pay 7 Days “. Ring them at day 8 and ask where the money is.

b. Ring them on Day 9 and repeat the question.

c. Visit them on day 10.

d. Repeat that visit every day for the rest of their life until the bill is paid.

That was the experience of my father when he was a small contractor in the paving business. He had few delinquent accounts.

You can also tell what is likely to be the tenor of a business deal when you hear variants of ” Send a bill. “:

a. ” Send the bill to someone else…”

The client has no intention of paying. If you hear this before the job, walk away from it.

b. ” I don’t care how much it costs. Just send a bill. “

The client doesn’t care how much it costs because they have decided never to pay for it anyway. Run away from this one.

c. ” Send a bill. We pay on 90 days. “

This means the client is so mired in debt that they cannot pay until someone else pays them, and you are holding their debt and their dick for three months. If you are the Mafia, this is no problem, as you can cut things off an inch at a time until the money is paid. If you are law-abiding, be aware that the law cannot recover your debt from someone who runs 90 days behind the pack.

d. ” How much for cash? “

Beware – if they are with the ATO it may be a trap. If you have already contracted for a proper sum it is nothing but a ploy to cheat you. The time to receive cash is before the job is done – then you are siting on the sum, instead of them.

e. ” I haven’t got my wallet/purse/credit card on me right now. “

Offer them a lift to wherever the financial instrument is. Jingle the car keys. You’ll find that it was just a line they were shooting.

f. ” I refuse to pay! “

Now we’re talking. Punch them and keep punching until they pay.

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