” Dush Nuff “

That seemed to be all I got from the Indian call centre scammer this afternoon. Of course it was preceded by the silence and then overlain onto the sound of the chattering steam room, but judged by the standard of scam calls it seems to have been particularly inept.

I answered the phone with ” Good Afternoon ” as it was afternoon and I was good. A bottle of beer will do that for you. If he had rung later in the evening I might have been absolutely fantastic, but it was good at that stage. However, possibly not good enough…

I am aware that there is a time difference between India and Western Australia of about 2 hours and 30 minutes. That puts Dush Nuff’s clock at about 1:30 in the afternoon so he may have just come back from a big lunch and was feeling sleepy. Or perhaps he lunched at the pub and was feeling the effects of that. I may have been the first scam of the afternoon and he might not have been fully up to speed.

Or he may have been switched to the wrong circuit. Perhaps Dush Nuff is a greeting intended for Koreans or the investors of Easter Island. It may make them rush to their computers to tap out their credit card number. All it does for me is create puzzlement.

Am I not good enough to steal from? Am I so old that I must be pitied rather than harmed? What do I have to do to be cheated out of my life savings? This is so unfair.

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