Foxy Is As Foxy Does

Never be put off by bad surroundings. Good places are where good happens.

I ate lunch yesterday in one of the cheap café streets in our city. A street that frequently undergoes changeovers of ownership as one little shopfront eatery fails and is replaced by another. The basic building structures are as old as mud and some may be made of it. It is the sort of food district that either makes or breaks your immune system.

Mine seems to be holding up well. And so it should. For a tiny place, Mr. Fox makes a very good lunch. The staff were cheerful, the prices low, and the food excellent. My friend and I opted to eat at one of the two footpath tables to escape the rock music sound system. Occasionally we had to cope with passing motorcycle noises, but overall it was as pleasant a time as you could have in Northbridge.

High noon is definitely safer than midnight.

Note: Credit Hub Wagner for the great heading shot. I owe him a coffee.

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