Stunning Your Audience

Every performer in the world dreams of stunning their audience. They create colourful costumes, learn complex songs, speeches, and dance choreography, and sometimes pay an army of assistants to make them look good. Yet it is a lot simpler to stun an audience:

a. The dart-firing taser. This sends two steel darts into the victim attached to fine wires. Then a powerful electrical charge is send down the wires and the person falls to the ground. Apparently it is quite painful.

b. Mace spray – a form of capsicum or tear gas. This will stun larger groups as it disperses more.

c. Electrical seats. On the same principle as the taser but the seats are wired to the circuit. Anyone sitting there will be stunned.

d. The medieval mace. Cruder and cheaper than most other forms of stunner – the classic mace, shillelagh, iron bar or length of star picket ( an Australian country favourite ) will stun people one at a time. Skill is needed to stun without killing but after a few trail runs you get the hang of it.

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