The Unattended Computer

Many japesters make use of an unattended computer to add porn or embarrassing pictures to someone’s feed. That is childish, foolish, bad-mannered, and illegal. There is a much better way to sow your social minefield – it is the advertisement.

They are everywhere on Facebook and I daresay on other social sites. If you find that you have a moment’s access to someone’s Facebook, scroll down until you find one. It doesn’t matter what it is for – goods, services, or lunatic social contact. The trick to do is click it.

If it takes you to a website advertising blue jean trousers or food supplements or water sprinklers – whatever – click further around the site for several times. Then click out of it, go back to the Facebook feed, and scroll away. You have sown the field.

Your victim will now get 3 extra advertisements for every click you made and they will become wilder and wilder. If you had time to search about a dozen places they will not have a clean feed for a week. And it is all legal and as far above board as anything on the net ever gets.

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