That book on stoic philosophy has started me thinking. Funny, that…

The book explained two classifications that Stoics use to divide the world; things they can do something about and things they can’t. This let them halve the amount of worry or thought that they had to do in the day.

A further amendment added things that you could do a little bit about, in case the two-fold divide seemed stark.

I think we should break up the ” do something about ” category into two divisions:

a. Things that you should do.

b. Things that you should not do.

Because, just because you can complain to the manager about the person with the loud telephone ring-tone, doesn’t mean that you should. It may precipitate more anguish than it relieves.

The ability to know when to duck and run is what keeps fighter pilots alive. It can also preserve friendships and keep you out of the magistrate’s court. If you listen to the still small voice that tells you to shut up, you don’t have to listen to big noisy ones doing the same thing.

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