Skin Whitening Cream

Say what?

In 2021, who in their right mind would:

a. Sell a skin whitening cream?

b. Buy a skin whitening cream?

c. Need a skin whitening cream?

Or, for that matter, hair straighteners, nose jobs, or any other cosmetic attempt to make you look lighter than Heaven made you.

You are the colour you should be, and your hair is the consistency that it should be. Your nose is your nose; use it for smelling dinner or roses and don’t go poking it in where it is unwanted.

If you are a dark person…anywhere from deepest blue-black to lightest tan…that is the colour you should be. Clean yourself, dress yourself, educate yourself, and go out and succeed in the world using exactly that shade of skin.

You need not look like me. Indeed, looking like me is the last thing I would advise. I am pinky-white, covered in spots, and going bald on top. I am not a model to aspire to.

Look like yourself and be happy – the politicians have found a slogan that says you matter the way you are. You knew that already.

Note: This column has been brought to you by someone who “liked” my weblog and seems to be selling skin whitening creams. I have not bought any.

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