Hot Gossip

What do you do when you become the custodian of a piece of juicy gossip? Hot, salacious, and bordering on the criminal…

a. You rush to tell a friend.

b. You rush to tell all your friends.

c. You tell your spouse in private.

d. You tell the local TV news reporter.

e. You post it all on Facebook.

f. You remember that gossip is forbidden in the Bible so you put it out of your mind.

g. You tell the subject of the gossip so that they can refute it.

h. You contact the subject of the gossip and threaten to make it public unless they pay a substantial sum of money.

i. All of the above.

Unless you have done all these things, and are prepared to do them again at a moment’s notice, you are in the wrong office. Leave your credit card number and we will deal with the problem.

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