The Bot Magnet

I need a good degaussing. I am attracting magnetic mines.

Or rather I am attracting the sort of autobot sites that reach out to promote their financial services and web development packages. Every day brings a new one supposedly following my column…in reality just sending me advertising emails.

I do give the emails one chance. I open the basic preview and look to see if it contains canned ham products or other trivialities. If it has some possible interest I look at one post on the suspect blog. Nearly all then go into the trash, but a few genuine ones are put aside in a folder and investigated. The best are kept for regular reading. I don’t generally ask the writer to send me an email with news as I dip into their production on my own schedule.

There are like-minded souls out there who do the same, and I appreciate the actual writing and art work they do. They are easily distinguished from the bots and pseuds that plague the inbox.

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