Traffic Alert

These days I’m not. Or at least not as much as before I retired.

Oh, I still look both ways at intersections, and slow down at crosswalks. I’m more cautious than ever. I also avoid night driving – cataracts make light haloes a nuisance.

But as far as needing to know what the congestion is like – where the jams are – I take no notice. I’m not out there trying to get to a job by starting time, nor home after an gruelling day in the shop. I can travel – if at all – in off-peak hours.

Better yet, I can travel on a bus or a train during those times – and the state government allows me to do so for free. As I live a short walk from a bus stop – itself a short distance from the electric train line – I am set for many metro areas. And time will only add more rail connections – our public transport gets better.

The weekend rush to holiday spots is also immaterial to me. I do not holiday at beaches, boozers, or football grounds. If I do go away next year it will be to a city with equally good transportation options and I still won’t be at the wheel.

For a motor car enthusiast, it is an odd sort of contentment.

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