Tourists Not Wanted

Nor travellers, emigrants, or visitors. Go away. Bugger off. Shoo.

So much of the world and the economy of the nations has been dedicated to travel and tourism in the last three decades that we have lost sight of the fact that moving about for pleasure is essentially doing something with no good sense.

Stop screaming. At least stop screaming in bad French and consider the following:

a. As a tourist you may have brought money to somewhere but you also took something away. You took away the time for work that people would otherwise have done to feed and clothe themselves. They dedicated their time and resources to you and your comfort. In many cases that made them uncomfortable.

b. You were not necessary. You were there and profit might be made, but it would have been just as nice a place free of you. This applies especially to the crowded tourist cities of Europe and any place associated with the word ” Disney “.

c. You learned very little or nothing from your visit that you could not have learned from a book or a television show. The people you visited learned nothing from you. The knowledge you both use to live happy lives was at home all the time – you came back to yours and they got to return to theirs after you left.

d. You all spent an inordinate amount of the world’s fuel to get you there and back. Like a bombing mission… but nobody dropped anything useful.

e. You all risked disease in the process. Even more so now. Countries that were prepared to tolerate you for the cash you might drop now want nothing to do with you for the virus you may inflict on them. Other countries have newer, worse viruses ready to try out on you.

So, when it all gets back to normal, how about staying home and hoeing your own garden? The fruits and vegetables you eat will be all the sweeter for being your own.

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