It Didn’t Work, You Fools

An open message to all the people who have done me dirt in the past:

The bullying schoolchildren and bullying schoolmasters.

The scornful instructors and dismissive employers.

The road ragers.

The careless, the vicious, the scheming, the dishonest.

The thieving cousins.

The arrogant acquaintances.

The importunate bettlers and the sturdy rogues.

You have failed. Your depredations, studied or casual – your physical, mental, and financial abuses – have availed you nought. You have wasted your time and character.

I still had a good dinner last night. I ate my fish and chips and drank my ale in my own house surrounded by my family. I slept warm and sound. Today I shall read happily and write what I will.

Whatever misery you thought you were causing was temporary and has sloughed off me like wet mud under the shower. And I if I do not choose to review it in my mind it cannot cause any more distress.

On the other hand, if I choose to remember the kindnesses of strangers and of true friends, they are delights all over again.

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