Skunks For The Memories

The current parrot-dance that has seen the removal of Pepe Le Pew from the Warner Brothers cartoon lineup will eventually end, and I daresay he will be chasing lady cats again in the future. It may be politic ( correct or not ) to remark on a number of other small stinkers in the cartoon world. Have you heard of :

a. Mam’selle Hepzibah

The small Cajun skunk in Walt Kelly’s Pogo series of cartoons from the 50’s to the 70’s. She is fluffy and delightful and always romantically interested in Pogo, the possum. He is shy and wary. I often wondered if Kelly drew the story line as the mirror image of the Warner Brothers concept.

It is rumoured that Mam’selle was patterned on Walt’s mistress and second wife, but that’s none of my business.

b. Fifi La Fume

A smaller, cuter female skunk from Warner Brothers. She is purple and white, possibly to attract a younger audience. The cartoon censors may care to note that she is friends with Shirley the Loon, and make of that what they will. Expect trouble.

c. Stinkor

Apparently a character from He-Man. A villain who smells bad. I may have met him in a railway carriage one time…

Of course the problem is not the skunkiness of it all – it is the complaints of inappropriate behaviour on the part of Pepe. And the chance it provides for the mindless and nameless to make a fuss as minor writer or major censor. You can be a stinker in many ways these days.

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