Now! Get Your Own Brainy Quote!

No need to go down in history as a dunce. Let our trained writers fabricate a quote that makes you sound like a statesman, noble, or philosopher and you’ll shine on the internet.

All too often we are hampered by our own intellect. We cannot think up witty bon mots or ripostes. We frequently look fools as others put us down – the perfect squelch never rises to our lips.

Worse still, our writings are no more exciting than grocery lists. They are never widely read and no-one howls in anguish when they read our thoughts. In short – we live lives of quiet politeness, and suffer accordingly. Now this can change.

The BGA Famous Quote Bureau will listen to your banal ramblings for half an hour and convert them to sparkling prose. Even if you can barely put two sentences together we will have you looking and sounding like Winston Churchill. We are not ghost writers – we are phantom publicists and can arrange it so that you will haunt the internet forever.

You need not be seen as the author of the thought – you can attribute it to some long-dead wit and then no-one will be able to tell whether it really happened or not. You’ll look good for a small cost.

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