Beware, Old Friend…

Be careful of the danger of going to look up old friends – you may find them. Then it might be be too late.

Note that I write of old friends with whom you have had no contact for decades. This also applies to places that you have not seen for a similar period of time. The opportunity for trouble is the same – you see, time spent apart will yield one of several results:

a. You will have changed and your friend hasn’t. You may see and judge them differently now, and probably not in a good way.

b. Reverse the point of view. You might be the same but they have become a new creature. Now you look old and odd.

c. The times are now different. What you shared is gone and there may be nothing new to talk about since then. You might be able to conclude your business in five minutes but will have five painful hours to do it in.

What to do? Remember those old days and old friendships at a distance, but seek new acquaintances now – wherever you are. If you are not friend material now, mend your fabric and try harder.

Note that this applies doubly when the friends are relatives. Looking them up is all very well but some of them might be on the gallows when you arrive.

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