Busman’s Holiday

I have just completed a course of treatment at our local dental surgery. Nothing serious – exam, x-rays, fluoride, and replacement of a couple old fillings. Free parking and morning appointments.

It was not me who was nervous, however – it was the practitioner. And possibly her nurse. They detected early on that I had been in the business myself and could be assumed to know what was going on.

In truth, when you are lying there, even if you know what is happening, you really can’t tell from the sounds and vibrations exactly how the treatment is progressing. Modern anaesthesia is very good – indeed it was in my day as well – and there is no pain to endure. Proprioception is not as precise as you’d think.

However, there is the mechanics of the business, and they have not changed – you still need to put on matrix bands, control saliva, and get enough light into the dim recesses to see where the wild animals are.

I must say, I would have welcomed the headband with the LED lights on it for dodgy dark spaces. I may yet invest in one for my model building. I also envied the use of the portable curing light, though at the price they run to I won’t be getting one for my little workshop. The price of the resins and fillers would be a fun-killer as well.

In the end I found the treatment sequence quite impressive, and the business of digital X-ray display wonderful.

So when are you due for your next visit?

4 thoughts on “Busman’s Holiday

  1. May, thank you for asking.


  2. Of course, I know this is a trap, so may have given spurious data.


    1. I should never do you a mischief. I am too far away for that. Of course one can contract mischief out…but the charges can be exorbitant.


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