We Were SO Drunk…

How drunk were we? Lemmee tell you how drunk we were, pal…


Stop right there. I don’t want to know how drunk you were. No-one wants to know how drunk you were. And they don’t want to hear how stoned you were or how high on whatever you shot, sniffed, or smoked. They don’t want to hear what you did or how much trouble you got into.

Nothing of your foolish behaviour is going to make you seem cool, fun, or superior. The fact that you resorted to the drug at all says much about you, and it’s mostly bad. It also suggests that you can be taken advantage of in the future with just a few doses of whatever.

You’ve just armed a potential enemy or a possible friend with valuable information and will be harmed some day by it.

If you can’t shut your mouth before too much liquor goes in, at least have the good sense to shut it afterwards.

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