What’s Your Shinto Name?


” I said what’s your Shinto name? I’ve got your surname on the electoral roll, but I have to check which one you are. I need your Shinto name. “

I don’t have one…

” Well, then what’s your Hindu name? “

Again, you’ve drawn a blank. I don’t have a Hindu name.

” Okay – you MUST have a name to be on the electoral roll. I’ve got your last name and your address here and that’s all in order. What’s your Taoist name? “

Is there someone else here? Someone who doesn’t want to discuss religion? Someone who can identify me without reference to inclusion in a group that practises ritual devotion to a deity?

” Well you could talk to the chief scrutineer Mr. Blfzxtch-Karczechosnard…”

I can’t call him that. What’s his Christian name?

” He doesn’t have one. “

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