Hate Crimes Are Bad.

Love crimes are worse. But the worst of all are crimes of commercial calculation.

The ones where you see the disaster unfold before your very eyes and just sit down and reach for the popcorn and calculator. I am guilty of this while innocent of the other two. And apparently I have support from some of the finest minds in history.

Many philosophers, religious leaders, statesmen and stateswomen ( also kings and queens ), academics, and social leaders have written from time to time about the efficacy of just standing back and not letting any of it splash on your skirt or trousers. And they have carefully-contrived networks of reason to support this view. Not least of which is the fact that when they have done so, whatever happened only went on for a set period of time and then quit.

The only real criminals are the ones who look upon the disasters of history and want to do them again. Nearly all of these enthusiasts want you to be the one who does them and they’ll see what happens.

Some people are instructed by their authority figures to complain and coerce. To confront and co-opt. To bellow and bitch…all in the name of righteousness. The righteousness can be from a supernatural source or some old propaganda text – it makes no difference to those who are charged with charging. Sometimes they are helpful and good and a boon to the planet. Mostly they are not.

Sometimes they just get cheese repackaged.

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