” My dear chap. you’ve made a slight error. 2+2=4. Perhaps you should change the title…”

No, 2 +2=5. I have made the correct calculation and published it. It is different from your calculation because of a miracle.

” A miracle? As in the occurrences that are written about in the Bible? That kind of miracle? A divine intervention into the order of the universe – transcending time, space, and any laws of physics or mathematics that have been enumerated? But in this case, on your weblog page?

Yes. Precisely. I prayed for a miracle and paid my tithes and attended services regularly and the bell rang and the light came on and my miracle slid out of the chute into my waiting hands. I took it home and posted it on my weblog page. There it is.

” Is it a useful thing to have? Does it smite your enemies with fire and plague? Does it give you other’s lands for your own? Does it shower you with gold?

No. Golden showers have had a bad name since the 60’s. Too many people are inclined to view the phrase with a damp suspicion. My miracle is a simple block of figures that can be set out to cause others to stumble. A sort of think-trap. You hit it with your little toe in the dark and then suffer for a fortnight.

” But is that really what divinity is meant to do? Isn’t your miracle rather sordid? Aren’t you using it for the wrong purpose? “

No. When people hit it in the dark they always cry out for God. These days that is getting less common and I like to think that I help set the world back upon a sacred path. Mind how you go…

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