The Dignity Of The Position

I have, like most people, held positions in the past. I suppose I hold one now, but probably by the wrong end.

I was never a class monitor or eraser cleaner or any other position of trust in grade school. Nor in high school – the only jobs I remember given that weren’t a chore were that of a reporter on a weekly newspaper and a photographer for a high school yearbook. My university years saw me employed as a clerk in a camera store when not learning the dental trade.

I did get elected as a vice president of a model boat club for one year but never had to officiate at anything. Just as well – at that stage of the game I was a nervous speaker. I have since learned to babble to control people, but there have been few opportunities. This is a paltry history of power, but despite that I can be proud – in each case I have risen to the dignity of the position and fulfilled it.

Unlike any number of politicians we can see on the world’s stage. No names, but you can draw up a list fully as long as I could of those who have achieved power without glory – or even competence.

I generally do not judge the powerful prematurely – nor loudly. Power is power and it doesn’t pay to cross their plasma streams just to be a smart aleck. But I do look at the entirety of reign of any particular leader and set down an internal judgement some time later. I give the gauche or greedy a time to settle into power and see if they can rise to the dignity of their position.

The admirable ones are sometimes very reticent creatures – you do not have to be a war-winning general or statesperson to win a high place in history. And of course when they are good, there will always be those who seek to suggest they are bad, for their own purposes. Often this is connected to selling books for $ 39.95. The goodness or badness is never proven, but as long as the $ 39.95 is paid, detractors do not care.

The scoundrels, likewise, are not all as black as the press of the day would have. The press of their day needs money as well, and will say pretty much anything to get it. It’s up to us to extend the skepticism that they suggest for their object of hatred to their own motives. And just wait. The mud they throw may or may not stick, but eventually it will dry and turn to dust. Then it falls off and you see the dusty truth.

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