Lemmee the lemming is an engaging little creature – swarming with thousands of his brothers and sisters over any cliff that’s handy. You have only to start a trend or a movement and Lemmee is trending and moving himself to destruction. It’s almost as if Walt Disney was standing there filming it all…

Lemmee has a distinctive cry at social events. You won’t hear it at first but as the second can of beer is opened the sound of ” Lemmee…” will rise above the hubbub.

” Lemmee Ask You…” is the preface to a question that need not be asked – to elicit an answer that should not be given. Lemmee wants to see where you stand before he attacks you. It is foolish person who provides the information.

” Lemmee Tell You…” is Lemmee swinging his aggression into action. He wants something – money, power, your fear – and he’ll try to get it. Don’t let Lemmee tell you. Move away and let him tell the wall.

” Lemmee At ‘Em…” is Lemmee unmasked and going for broke to seize whatever he wants.

” Lemmee Outa Here…” is Lemmee in custody after his attempt at dominating everyone else. In the case of a private party, by all means let him out. The room will seem so much fresher.

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