The Long Weekend Blues

Retirees on a long weekend are sad people. The rest of the population – at least the working portion – is given a spurious holiday in which to recreate themselves. The fact that they will do no better a job of this than the original construction is neither here nor there. It will be a day to straighten up and pick the crabs off their legs…

The reason the retirees mope is that they get no special prize on the long wekend. They get free bus and train travel anyway, concession haircuts and gratuitous abuse from teenagers all the rest of the time – but no additional portion is offered them on the long weekend. They are accustomed to special favours and when none are on offer it rankles.

They need not get up early at their regular time of 10:00 AM…they can sleep till 11:00. But most of them have insomnia anyway and the rest have weak bladders. 10:00 o’clock it is.

The roads will be crowded before and after the weekend as people rush away and rush back. What they are rushing to is somewhere else, and woe betide the retiree if they forget the weekend and want to go there as well. They’ll get to participate in the desperation of the recreational traffic jam. Of course those retirees who own Toyota Crowns and large caravans know that this is the best time to be at the front of the queue on a two-lane road and they can take their time to savour the chorus of horns behind them.

I shall spend the day tomorrow doing what I wish to do – where I wish to be. I shall eat and drink what I like and it will be entirely up to me whether I seek companionship or sequester myself. I shall master my own thoughts.

And if I enjoy myself doing it, I shall continue on for a month. A long month.

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