In The Hands Of Despots

First off, look up ” despot “. I did, and quite frankly it seems to encompass most of the authority figures of my life. I say most, because there must have been someone for whom I voted. I was probably looking for kindness and mercy at the time , and I have a feeling that it is still well-hidden.

At present we are being told by one set of despots that other despots are behaving despotically. I am prepared to believe this…after all they have the expertise to recognise the pattern of behaviour. Thank goodness all sides of this spit-fight ( euphemism ) are pure and clean and only have our best interests at heart. If they were geedy for money and power we should all be in danger…

I shall take a lesson from them. There are few creatures on the planet over which I can exercise cruel and arbitrary power these days. I’m out of a profession, a business, and a trade, and the family has had my measure for years. The best I can do is advertise for innocent trusting souls who will put themselves into my power.

Mind you, it will not be a cheap exercise.You have no idea what adverts cost these days – what with the social media and the newspapers fighting each other. I may have to get a soapbox and a place at the street corner. If all else fails, I can sell soap.

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