Leave ‘Em Suspicious

But don’t provide enough clues to let them confirm those suspicions.

After all, you’re not their mother ( Unless you’re their mother. Or a real Mother…) and you aren’t called on to clear up confusion and set little minds on the road to sunshine and happiness. Your job is to sow gnawing doubt and anxiety, and this is enough of a job to keep anyone busy.

Most people will help you to do your work; suspicion, distrust, and skepticism are as natural as flatulence. As long as you have good ventilation, you can whip them to a frenzy. Whipped frenzy is a marvellously useful substance – you can serve it for dessert as well as cut back a car’s paintwork with it. Of course, this past year and the politics of elections, diseases, and threat have been a fertile petri dish for all the bad feelings. You may be spoilt for choice…well something will be spoilt no matter what you do.

In many ways there is an overload of conspiracy, doom, and hysteria just at present. It is possible to spend 25 hours a day on the internet looking at election frauds, secret conspiracies, diseased deals, and such. They flood the screens on the streamed television services as well. In a household anyone who gets sucked into the vortex may draw others after them. It is well to preserve at least one member of a family who is capable of telling the difference between shit and Shinola…if only to deal with the shoes in a decent fashion.

In conclusion, I suppose you know what they said about you yesterday at the party…

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