Universal Australian Privilege

Forget class. Forget race. Forget status, wealth, or position…or any other conventional divider of the national sock drawer. I am here with good news; in several respects we are all entitled to be privileged.

As Australians we have an inalienable right to a number of things. Flies and sweat in summer are an example. Also a free ballot box and an unmanageably large ballot paper, a cardboard polling booth and a stub pencil. Rejoice in these and don’t forget to collect a democracy sausage or lemon slice as you go. This year you may vote at home, but expect an argument about that from people who have a great deal of time on their hands but will spend little of it thinking…

Our celebrations may extend to the point where we realise that we also have a mirror right; we can shun people quite legally. We may discover people whom we abhor – even if we have befriended them before. We are perfectly free to drop their acquaintance – and this may be as simple as removing them from our social media or as complex as taking out a VRO and cutting them dead in the street. That’s a figurative statement, if you’re not sure…in most cases polite and civil behaviour should prevail.

I rarely do it – it just isn’t necessary. But occasionally something surfaces that suggests I have placed my faith in an idol whose feet are clay. Or that my vision of someone has been rather clouded. Then I am perfectly within my rights to put on my hat and excuse myself. So are we all.

Don’t expect thanks. Don’t accept abuse. Regard it all as lessons from the universe, worth learning.

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