What Do You Want For Dinner, Little Darlings?

Vs ” You can eat or not – food is on the table. It’s your choice how you want to feel overnight…”

I have read of families where the children will not eat certain foods. Where other foods must be cooked to please them. Where the menus are predicated upon their wishes. I even think I know where some of these families live.

I have marked these locations on a map and plotted the wind patterns to avoid being downwind when the contagion is at a peak.

There were two options for dinner when I was a child; take it or leave it. If I chose the second I was politely dismissed from the table. There was no food available until the next regularly scheduled meal – often this was overnight – and I never suffered death because of it. On the contrary, I grew wiser, if less picky.

Teenage years permanently banished the infantile gourmet in me. I ate anything I could catch. Again I didn’t die from that.

If you are agonising about how your little darlings are going to be served, start serving them right.

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