Selling A Social Policy

Is nearly as difficult as selling an insurance policy. They have much the same feel about them as you insert them into the customers and you can expect much the same yelping.

But you need to be more cautious when selling socialism – or sociality – or whatever the current euphemism is for slavery. People are becoming more wary – they have advanced from the mental condition of being flat rocks to that of being wet pancakes. You need to pitch your woo higher and warmer.

For instance…it is no good telling people that it’s all the fault of someone else without making it clear that the someone else is not you. History has a disconcerting habit of showing that it has, indeed, frequently been you. And that it will likely be you again, given the slightest opportunity. You must convince people that you are one of them, without raising the speculation that you might be one of those. If they want one of those they can always look in the British universities.

The best method for getting people to march to your drum is to make it sound as if you are pure and clean and wholesome. No, really. Stop laughing, you bastard. You really need to do this. You need to sell your plan that will make people poor, hungry, and ill by suggesting that these are what a supernatural being wants. And has wanted all along, seeing as how most of the ancestors of the sucker were just that. Appeal to a Golden Age while you are telling people to give up their gold now. Maintain a fiscal lobster basket that will admit gold, but not let it escape.

I hear you scoff. You think I am being needlessly cynical. But consider whether or not it is better to be the hammer or the nail. And if you decide on the former, whether you would like to be a good and useful claw hammer or just a mean old bastard of a ball-peen that flattens everything regardless. I know which I’ll choose and you would be wise to get your fingers out of the way.

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