The Battle Of Britain

Also the Battle of Canada, Battle Of Australia, and Battle Of New Zealand…it’s worthwile googlimg the terms to see what you get.

The British regard the air attacks of 1940 as their battle. The Australians spotlight the battle of the Coral Sea as their main conflict. The new Zealanders regard the Maori Wars as their definitive conflict, and the Canadians go all the way back to the Plains of Abraham to match Wolfe and Montcalm, with the gratifying result that one was defeated and one won, but they were both killed. Saves having to pay them pensions…

I pursued this theme further – typing in ” Battle Of ” for a number of countries. There was always a Google response but in some cases it was pretty silly. Of course the French get a mention but only as losers. The Germans don’t have a specific national battle, but do mark the Battle of Berlin.

The Irish have an entire list of battles. The Swiss aren’t even mentioned, and probably prefer it that way.

I wondered about the USA, so I tried it by using both terms; USA and America. I got the War of 1812 for the first and the American Revolution for the second.

Try it yourself and see what you turn up. If you’re from the Balkans, try not to take it all too personally. Put down the axe and the dagger and just go surfing for cat videos.

2 thoughts on “The Battle Of Britain

  1. I would have thought that the Canadian entry would have been the War of 1812. When we visited Quebec City, I walked through a cemetery and learned that the United States was defeated in the War of 1812 in Canada. Apparently, the United States tried to invade Canada and capture it, but was defeated.



    1. Ah well, the operators of the Google Gold Mine have other ideas. It probably operates on the button presses of the public and they can be lead astray by shiny things and sudden movement.


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