Dough Knee Diss

The calendar new year – Jan 1 – is the traditional time for new resolutions in the western world. In the east it may be the lunar new year that calls these forth. It certainly calls forth eating and drinking.

I am not of the east, but I shall borrow this festival to initiate a new personal experiment. Call it a lunar resolution, or looney for short. I can do looney very well as I have had a lifetime of preparation.

Of late I have been troubled with the complexities that modern life seems to wrap around us. The business of on-line communication, passwords, channels of email, etc. There seem to be new points of irritation and minor failure cropping up daily. I’ve longed to simplify things…but lacked the will to actually do it. SO many things – SUCH a big task.

So I have decided to initiate the Dough Nee Diss plan. Once a day I will look at something; a possession, a service, a concept, a connection, a complication…whatever…and I will remove it. Discard the worn-out underwear, sell the unused possession, donate the finished novel ( I remember plots and cannot read a murder mystery twice. ), or bin the saved container. You may contact me for Foamcore scraps. You will not be disappointed.

In the 365 days until the next lunar new year I should have freed myself from 365 fetters. I shall be the envy of the other gaolbirds.

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