Am I Better Or Worse?

Was I better off or worse-served at the end of 2020 than at the end of 2019? Darned if I know, and I’m peering at the year pretty closely.

I did not go to Melbourne or Sydney…nor to Singapore or Japan. But then I did not go to hospital, either.

I did not make as much money as the previous year…but then neither did anyone else. And as I did not throw it away on a vacation, I did not need as much.

I did not buy large new possessions. Indeed, I binned a fair amount of stuff. I think this was a draw, as far as any benefit goes. And I’m making more use of the goods I already possess. Let’s hope I can remember that lesson.

I did not lose as manyold friends in 2020 as in 2017 – 2019. Indeed, I made new ones, so there was an advance.

I think I will end up being grateful for the status and hope that it remains quo for a fair length of time.

Note: I am waiting for the potatoes I planted to germinate. It is a frantic pace of nothing doing so far. Nothing to adjust and no-one to blame. No instructions to follow and no optional accessories to connect.

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