Kindness Is Contagious

So I would recommend masks and gloves. You catch that stuff and it’ll make trouble for sure.

I was exposed to it in my childhood when my parents treated me well. I can remember sitting awake at nights worrying about it. But a little kid can only worry so much – it takes teenage years to really devlop worries. I used to develop mine in D-76, but that’s a story for my photography column…

Back to the kindness issue. You may have seen it happen in the street. It’s hard to look away when someone puts money in the Salvation Army tin and even harder to avoid seeing when they take it out. The rival gang down by the train station – the Salivation Army – has a kettle that you can spit into as you pass by. Don’t get smart-aleck and try to do it from the other side of the footpath as you’ll be just as likely to hit a passer-by.

Of course there are times when someone slips up undetected and is kind. Try not to scream if it happens to you – noise attracts copy-cat kindly people. The grey-haired motherly types with fresh-baked cookies are the worst of all. They always seem to appear from nowhere and if there are three of them – they hunt in packs – you can be left with no place to run to.

The best protection is a grimace. You need to tune it finely; too mild and they still sidle up to you and cuddle, and too fierce means they clasp you in a hug and shower you with tears and kisses. Let’s face it, if you want to get wet you can always go to the Salivation Army…

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