Have You Seen The Latest From America…?

There will always be a latest from America. And always someone to press it upon you. Frequently it will be presented in a bad light.

This is not a fault of America – nor of you. It is the basic operating mode that the person who forwards Facebook memes uses. They are possibly not a Russian hacker or minor official from a Chinese ministry – they are just a Facebook friend who sits at home trolling for things to share.

Mind you, the contemptuous and critical meme or article they send on may well have its origin up the Yangtze or out on the steppes. There are factories, colleges, and bureaux that do this 24 hours a day. They can supply the finest propaganda for free, as long as the mindless will distribute it for them.

And that’s the best analogy for the anti-US meme that you saw. It was a free pamphlet that was thrust at you – not in your letter box by a plodding granny with a shopping trolley – but by your Facebook acquaintance fingering their keyboard. The information in it is as highly coloured as the junk mail adverts for fast food and lawn ornaments that Gran distributes, but not nearly as healthy. It has only the most tenous connection to reality, and only the thinnest veneer of journalism.

But your ‘ friend ‘ passed it on. They probably pass many things during the day. The trick to happiness is not to handle the things they pass, and as far as possible, not to look in the pan. Just flush it all away.

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