A Gift From The People

In this last year there have been a number of monetary contributions from govenments to ease the financial burden of the pandemic. Rate and electricity subsidies and straight-out cash in the bank account. Not so good in some districts – some cities have carried on levying rates as high as before – but in many cases there has been some relief.

However, the best gift so far has come from the general population in my suburb. We had an announcement of a lockdown for 5 days starting yesterday and the behaviour of the locals has been wonderful.

None of that stiff upper lip and British resolve here. The locals – to a man or woman – headed out to the supermarket to strip the shelves of anything they could find. The line into the local IGA looked like a 1937 Shanghai bank panic. I’m not entirely certain that there weren’t a number of people in it from the original one…

I decided not to hang around and wait for the Japanese bombers to arrive – the sight was enough to nourish me for the week. I now have a gauge of the mentality of the suburb.

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