I’ve Been To The Agora

With Socrates. We checked into Costco yesterday afternoon on a visitor’s pass. In my case the daughter is a patron and the wife signed up as well.

It’s good going into one of these places with someone who knows the layout. This was a scouting mission to show me what it was like. If I fancied anything I could buy it on Daughter’s card.

Well, I took a tour of the hard goods first before the food and beverages. In the first-named. Socrates and I were struck by the variety and amount of things that we did not need – either in the absolute or in the bulk-pack quantities being offered. One electrical appliance may be useful to someone who wishes to consume electricity, but the economy pack of ten stretches the imagination past snapping point.

But on to the foodstuffs. Costco has in-house brands that apparently are quite good quality and may be economical…if one is buying for a school, prison, or air base. I am prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt, though not if they are seeking for it in my wallet.

They also have a supply of brands that I have never heard of, selling things I have never considered eating. They are well-packaged and presented…it remains to be seen whether they are actually edible or marginally enjoyable. I did unbend to the extent of a large box of coffee pods in a brand I recognised. Also a two-pack of Danish blue cheese – I figure that if it is mouldy already it can hardly get worse in the fridge in the time it will take to cracker it out.

And I do applaud the packaging of bacon and smallgoods in multiple packs that can be scissored apart for separate consumption. Large bulk packs of some items spoil before they can be used.

The liquor section was marginally cheaper than another large outlet, but only if you were prepared to buy the booze in bottles big enough to explode your liver. I got a presentation bottle for a major family birthday party and left it at that. I’ll never drink it, but that’s my birthday guest duty done.

Note that they sell a proprietary brand of what they say is Irish whiskey in a 1.75 Litre bottle – a recipe for disaster on many levels. It’s legal, but then so were Messerschmitt 163’s at one time…and I’ll bet the fuels were less dangerous then.

Oh, you wondered about Socrates? He picked up a 12-pack of souvlaki chips.

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