Everybody Knows

And everybody says. So this is a good opportunity for me to climb aboard the bandwagon and say it too. I’ll have the authority of everybody to refer to and that will make me right. And good. And kewl.

Look for a good deal of this in the coming months of the new American federal administration. Just as I had years of what everybody knew and said about the last one and the ones before that. And everybody and I were always right, weren’t we…

Barring the times when we weren’t, of course. The times when what everybody knew and I repeated turned out to be a load of hogwash. But these were the fault of someone else, if I can convince myself of that.

Had I started thinking for myself – conducting my own investigations independently of the computer or television screen – reading widely – asking hard questions and accepting only provable answers… Well I might not have been fooled, or wrong, or a bigoted and biased parrot. And ended up neither a fool nor knave. But I did not, and now I risk being both.

But everyone knows that…

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