Icon Puzzle

There is a news service built into the iPad I use for portable internettery that has puzzled me for years. It’s the icon of a white square with three red slashes in it. I looked at it from both horizontal and vertical orientation but couldn’t make out what it was meant to be.

Most icons on the computers are designed to give you a clue to the function…you’ll get used to the design soon enough but they like you to be able to find it quickly when you glance over a field of little pictures. Lots of competition for your attention.

This news service started out pretty sensationalist before Trump and Covid and China but has gotten logarithmically worse since. The headlines are screaming grabbers and the articles are either tabloid trot or pure propaganda. Many of the shrill shills are demands for subscription to other news services based upon the come-on.

I initially thought the logo might represent a stylised ” N ” in red. N for news, geddit..?

But now I think it is an ” S ” they are depicting. S for shit. Because that really is the material of which it seems to be concocted.

I suspect that it would do little to try to remove it from the screen…it’s probably a fixture in the operating system and the last thing I want to do is fiddle with that. I hope it disappears from the bottom line soon and I can ignore it as I ignore most of the other useless apps.

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