Cheers, Everyone

Well, apparently the controversy over the Australian cheese called Coon cheese has been resolved -by the simple expedient of renaming it.

The cheese – a mature cheddar – is a staple of many pantries here in Australia. It’s been sold by the Kraft corporation for decades. It was apparently named after an American chap called Coon who invented a process for quick ripening of basic cheese. It is sharp and tasty and toasts well.

However, a New South Wales activist objected to the name as he felt it demeaned his aboriginal or indigenous heritage. No amount of argument regarding the origin swayed him and he campaigned to have it changed.

Successfully, it would appear. He managed to sway the Canadian corporation who owns the brand to change the name from ” Coon ” to ” Cheer “…or so it said on a Facebook feed this week. The brand name change will take place as stocks of the older packaging are sold. I don’t believe we will have cheese vigilante squads…

The whole thing will be the issue of the minute around here, but there will probably be some change in purchasing amongst both those who do not recognise the new brand and those who do.

My opinion? I think they could have changed the name to ” Silly ” or ” PeeCee ” just as well. Whether the new packaging will satisfy the cheers is another matter…

I wonder what product the good doctor will target next when his publicity level drops?

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