Is It Just Me?

Or is Facebook getting weirder?

Yesterday I clocked the usual adverts for Bunnings and hobby tools and exclusive mens shirts…nothing new…but then an advertisement for mobility scooters suitable for sabbath attendance at synagogues turned up.

I was a fool – I couldn’t believe it, so I clicked and read. It was straightforward and straight-faced – there is someone who makes mobility scooters that do not break Mosaic laws…I do not know whether to jeer or cheer, but I am quivering with excitement to see what other advertisements this one enquiry will set in train.

There were a fair few commenters who disapproved of the idea – either because they thought it was silly or because they thought the people who worry about that sort of thing are silly. Haters gonna hate and baiters gonna bait. Personally, if it gave some old guy or old gal a chance to go see their friends when otherwise they would be sitting home sad and lonely, I think it would be a very good thing indeed. Law or not. Maybe Facebook isn’t so weird after all.

Mind you, it almost makes me want to set out a few traps myself to see what can be caught. Not on Saturday, you understand…

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