The Grass Is Greener

Wherever we tell you it is. You can’t go there to check up on us, so we can tell you anything…

Have you ever noticed how everything is always better in Holland, or Belgium, or Slovakia? How they are far more civilised and intelligent in Norway, and Sweden, and Finland? How…

Wait a minute. Did I write Sweden? I think I did.

Uh…without getting too specific about it and making fun of human misery, I wouldn’t praise the Swedes for intelligence all that much just at present. You can make a great deal of their flat-pack furniture and meatballs and show pictures of Volvo sports cars all you like, but being better in 2020 meant something different.

However, we can move on to how much better it always is in countries who want you to think well of them – by thinking ill of yourself. China comes into this category right now, and there have been a number of other places that have tried the trick before. I’ve got a couple of books that show wartime publications of SIGNAL magazine telling us how much better the Third Reich was than their enemies. I’ve only got the issues that run from ’39 to ’44 so I don’t know how good it got in the end…

Living as I do in a city that doesn’t have riots…in a state that doesn’t have rampant disease…in a country that has stopped asking the English Queen to participate in a government coups. ( she agreed ) and getting my dinner and a drink daily, I am disinclined to look at the grass elsewhere. If I am dissatisfied with ours I can get Dynamic Lifter from Bunnings and appall the neighbours.

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